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  • character: says "I like bread" that one time
  • fandom: character has an obsession with bread. bread is character's true love. draws character as bread. every meta joke in fanfic is about bread. the character's room is wallpapered with bread
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Catching up with comics after months of not reading them like:

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favorite marvel men:

Jamie Madrox/Multiple Man

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On your left..


this is rather sad.

Keep in mind though, that there are three different companies putting out Marvel films while (iirc) there’s only one company putting out DC films.  so really, it should be Sony’s four compared to Marvel’s ten, to Fox’s five, to WB’s ten. if someone like MGM held the rights to Teen Titans and they had to make a Teen Titans film every five or so years in order to keep the rights, you bet your asses that the DC column would look a lot more blue.

The only reason why it looks like Marvel comics (NOT Marvel Studios) is winning the film game is because three different companies own the rights to three major franchises, and Sony and Fox would only give up Spider-Man and X-Men when hell freezes over.

(also, the Marvel side of the chart looks depressing in all the wrong ways, but that’s a story for another time)

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Emily Browning for i-D magazine, pre-fall 2014

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by day i am just a regular loser, by night i am the same loser only it’s nighttime

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The whole side chick main chick bullshit is boys trying to create a pop culture in which cheating on the woman you’re with is considered cool or normal.

Don’t perpetuate it.

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marvel fancast: kristen stewart as lorna dane ➵ polaris

"then this is how the world ends. in rage and blood and fire."
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